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Camelot Mead is packed in a basket on the back of a bicycle, ready for its next adventure.

New Ways to Pair the World's Oldest Drink

Mead, or honey wine, has stood the test of time for thousands of years. Now it’s making a comeback as a drink of choice for curious wine-lovers. These Oliver Camelot Mead pairings are thoroughly modern.

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Sweet Red Lime Sangria

Sweet Red Lime combined with a variety of citrus and a splash of bubbles creates a refreshing cocktail that is a vacation in a glass.

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Oliver Winery Peach Pie Bellini Brunch Cocktail

Peach Pie Bellini

Oliver Peach Pie wine and fresh peach puree plus a bit of spritz combine to create the perfect, simple summer brunch cocktail.

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Oliver Winery Blueberry Moscato with Wine Cocktail in a Flute

The Blue '72

The real blueberry juice and low alcohol in our Blueberry Moscato make it a winning ingredient in wine cocktails. We love the zesty lemon twist and subtle botanical flavor of this sparkling wine mixer. It's our fresh take on the French 75, a classic craft cocktail.

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Oliver Winery's summery Peach Pie wine

Peach Pie Wine All Weekend Long

Peach Pie Wine is back to kick off patio season! We can’t wait for long weekends with a couple bottles of this versatile, low-ABV sipper. These four serving tips will take you from Thirsty Thursday through Sunday Funday.

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Painting of butterfly on blackberries

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