Our People

If you've had the chance to visit us in Indiana, you know people make Oliver Winery great. We like to work hard, and we have fun getting things done. Because we are 100% employee-owned, we all have a real stake in the company’s successes and failures. Every grape cluster harvested, every wine bottle sold, every smile on a customer’s face represents the ability to grow our business and create a more stable future for ourselves and our families.

I love Oliver Winery as much as I love my dog.

Allison Chin

Assistant Winemaker/Quality Manager

3 years at Oliver Winery

When I was interviewing, I saw all of these students around me applying and I thought, ‘I don’t have a prayer.’ And look, here I am 16 years later. It’s the most fun job I’ve ever had.

Barbara Fuqua

Tasting Room Assistant

17 years at Oliver Winery


Bernie Parker

Vineyard Manager

18 years at Oliver Winery

"When Bill offered me the position as Vineyard Manager I said, ‘Well what do I know about growing grapes?’ And he said, ‘You were a bomb disposal technician in the Navy for 22 years, and you still have all ten of your fingers. I can teach you how to grow grapes."

Bill Oliver

CEO and founding family member

In the 1960s, Bill Oliver worked as a youngster helping his dad, IU law professor William Oliver, plant his fledgling Creekbend Vineyard.

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Bill worked at Oliver Winery part time throughout high school and college, supplementing his earnings with work as a commercial hot air balloon pilot (a side-job he still does today).

After earning a business degree from Indiana University in 1983, Bill joined the winery full time. As a jack-of-all-trades in our still-small operation, Bill focused on wine quality and enhancing the visitor experience to grow retail sales. He articulated the winery’s winemaking philosophy — crafting approachable wines that capture the delicious flavors of high-quality fruit.

Bill met his wife Kathleen when they were MBA classmates at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. Kathleen joined the winery in 1993, and they worked together as sales grew rapidly through both retail and distributor channels. In 1994, Bill led the revitalization and expansion of Creekbend Vineyard. Under Bill and Kathleen's direction, the winery grew to be one of the largest in the eastern U.S. In 2006, the winery became a 100% employee-owned company. And today, Oliver Winery produces close to 400,000 cases of wine annually in a diverse portfolio of products.

Though he holds two business degrees, Bill sees himself as a winemaker first and a businessman second. His day-to-day work as CEO of Oliver Winery centers around winemaking, vineyard operations, and new product development, as well as developing the winery team. His goal is continued winery growth with a focus on inspired new products and operational best practices.

I get to work for a company where I can have a daily impact on the success of, not only the company’s future, but mine and my family’s future, as well.

Jessika Hane

HR Director

19 years at Oliver Winery

Julie Adams


9 years at Oliver Winery

Julie was named President of Oliver Winery in 2016. She began here at the winery as Controller, and has served as CFO and Vice President for Administration and Wholesale Sales for the past five years. As President, Julie focuses on company strategy and goal setting.

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She is pivitol in the integration and implementation of growth initiatives such as long-term site and capacity planning and product development.

Her voice of reason sees the bright side in everything, and we are lucky to be under her leadership.

Justin Graham

Cellar Master

15 years at Oliver Winery

"When you go somewhere around town and people come up to you — they see you’re wearing an Oliver Winery shirt — and they say, ‘I love that place.' There’s a lot of pride in that. It’s what makes this place special, and as much a part of the community as it can be."

To make people happy. You just can’t ask for more.

Paul Mui

Tasting Room Manager

17 years at Oliver Winery

We have something for everyone. I've been in the industry 18 years. It's rare to find a winery like ours.

Chris Hibbert

Vice President of Wholesale Sales

6 years at Oliver Winery

Kathleen Oliver

Executive Vice President

"We’re 10 years into the ESOP plan, but I think we have always had a mindset of employee ownership. The people who work here have the passion, the values, the vision and the dream that Bill and I share. These are the future leaders of this business; these are the folks who are going to make this business grow. You know what? They deserve it. They really do."

Kristin Schroeder

Senior Administration Manager

16 years at Oliver Winery

“It is very exciting to work with such a talented group of people who all contribute to make Oliver an extraordinary place to work and visit. And, I love our wines!"

Dennis Dunham

VP of Operations, Director of Winemaking

21 years at Oliver Winery

Dennis is the kind of guy everyone wants to be around. As Oliver Winery’s Director of Winemaking and Vice President of Operations, we count on him for a lot of things — great wine and good laughs included.

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In his 20 years at the winery, Dennis has held many positions.

After receiving a chemistry degree from Indiana University, he made his mark in our tasting room. Soon after, opportunities opened up in production, and he began to make his way through the ranks — from cellar assistant, to assistant winemaker, to winemaker.

Under Dennis’s leadership in winemaking and operations, Oliver Winery has earned a national reputation for high quality and consistency and established critical relationships with growers and industry partners around the world.

I like to think that we have a wine for every budget, every palate and every occasion, and it’s my job to get the right wine in the glass.

Jim Seaver

Tasting Room Assistant

7 years at Oliver Winery

William Bernard

Senior Accountant

5 years at Oliver Winery

“I enjoy our approach to figuring things out and getting things done. By giving the employees the flexibility to showcase their talents, we are consistently improving all areas of our business.”