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Oliver Winery

Where dreams take flight

Hot air balloons, too.

strawberry air balloon

Real fruit at its finest.®

Great wine is about more than just the craft — it’s the experience and the people you share it with, too. We believe great wine is something for everyone to enjoy. Our approach is refreshingly real. Nothing fake. No pretenses here. Only the good stuff.

Oliver Winery's Sweet Red wine is one of the best-selling sweet wines in the U.S.

Refreshingly Real®️

For 50 years, our wines have represented the highest-quality ingredients. Our winemakers continually refine each wine in our portfolio to create approachable, fruit-forward, flavorful wines you can enjoy again and again.

Our process
Melon Mint Moscato, new in the Oliver Winery Real Fruit wines, is served over ice with a playful mint and cucumber garnish.

Available Near You

Find our wines on the shelf where you shop in 40+ states.

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A new generation of wine that is accessible, fun and unpretentious.
A few select vineyards around the country go above and beyond to astound visitors.
If you’re ready to change up your wine choice, Blueberry Moscato will be your new fave.
Oliver Winery's beautiful park-like gardens are full of summer blooms

A Place to Experience

Our winery is Indiana's top wine destination, with beautiful gardens, unparalleled service, and reserved tasting experiences.

Plan Your Visit
Summer photo of Oliver Tasting Room surrounded by lush gardens

A Five-Star Day Off

Taste a flight. Go behind-the-scenes. Meet the people and process behind our best-selling wines.

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