Life is sweet.

Great wine is about more than just the craft — it’s the experience and the people you share it with, too. We believe wine is something everyone can enjoy. It makes life a little sweeter. No pretenses here. Only the good stuff.

Group of friends tasting wine on Oliver Winery patio


Our winery is Indiana's top wine destination, with beautiful gardens and unparalleled service. You're invited to give your day off five stars.

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Oliver Winery's Creekbend Vineyard in Indiana


Our wines capture fruit at its finest. Our winemakers continually refine each wine in our portfolio.

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Drive up the hill to Oliver Winery, and ... feel transported to a California vineyard.
If you’re ready to change up your wine choice, Blueberry Moscato will be your new fave.
A few select vineyards around the country go above and beyond to astound visitors.