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We make wines that capture the flavors of great fruit.

Winemaking is our passion. There is honesty in this work — in farming, in a late-afternoon crush, in the sounds of fermentation, the clink-and-clank of the bottling line.

We believe winemaking is about bringing out the best qualities of delicious fruit. That's why we make wine in the gentlest way possible, showcasing ingredients by nurturing rather than interfering.

Great wines are both science and art, and our team crafts each wine in our portfolio with care and attention to detail. We believe all styles of wine deserve respect. Our wines are wines that everyone can enjoy, from classic varietals to crisp apple ciders and sweet experiments.

Creekbend Vineyard

Our hilltop vineyard in the Southern Indiana Uplands is a magical place where we grow unique grape varieties. Situated on the same latitude as California's Napa Valley, Creekbend Vineyard's hilltop location and limestone bedrock and soils are ideally suited for growing grapes.

Sourcing great fruit from the best growers in the U.S.

Fruit sourcing

Decades-old relationships with some of the wine industry’s top growers play a critical role in how we go about crafting great wine. Our partners' skills, expertise, and craftsmanship complement Oliver's fruit-forward winemaking philosophy. Always focusing on natural ingredients, we leverage these strong relationships to help source the very best — from blackberries, apples, and classic vinifera, to cherry juice or orange blossom honey. The quality makes the difference between average wines and your favorites.

Walking the vineyards with our growing partners is one of the best parts of my job. Each of these regions offer something special and unique.



24 years at Oliver Winery