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Creekbend Club | Spring 2024

Creekbend Vineyard's lush fields of grapes enjoy a serene and sunny day

Home-grown and hand-bottled, Creekbend Vineyard is where the best of Indiana wines come to life. These wines start out at our estate and are carefully crafted to capture the rich, bright flavors of the Indiana heartland to deliver to you. Enjoy our dry and ripe Creekbend III, a fresh and fruit-forward Chambourcin Rosé, or our decadent Tawny with dessert.

Oliver Winery's delicious and tropical Creekbend III
Creekbend III 2022
This blend tastes like an ode to Creekbend. Barrel-fermented Vignoles and Vidal Blanc produce a wine that showcases our winemaking abilities. From growing grapes with full ripeness and flavor to precise cellar skills. Enjoy a sip of a summer evening with notes of fresh fruit, vanilla, and hints of oak for a unique flavor experience.
Oliver Winery's fresh and fruit-forward Chambourcin Rosé
Creekbend Chambourcin Rosé 2022
Juicy, fresh, and dry, this rosé style wine is a luscious addition to your summer sippers. This wine is a product of free run juice from our Chambourcin grapes (aka juice that requires no extra pressure on the grapes). Chambourcin is a very versatile varietal, and is also used in our dry red Chambourcin wine. We recommend it chilled, for a jammy summer treat. Add to a light summer lunch (think salads or charcuterie) and late afternoons by the pool.
Oliver Winery's decadent and full-bodied Tawny
Creekbend Tawny
Our decadent dessert wine is a blend of 50% Chambourcin and 50% Vignoles. Add a touch of coziness to the summer, with this full-bodied wine, brimming with deep flavors of dates, vanilla, fig, and walnut. A fitting addition to balmy nights by the fire pit, while chatting and watching the stars.
Oliver Winery's rich and mature Chambourcin
Creekbend Chambourcin 2022
This deep, dry red is reminiscent of the rich flavors of summer berries, complemented by subtle tannins. We always want to preserve the flavor of our fruit, so our winemaking approach is minimal, and with final barrel aging producing the signature Chambourcin we know and love. Open a bottle for a sunset dinner with red meat & roasted vegetables. Finish off the meal with a slice of chocolate cake.

A note on tartrate crystals:

Tartrate crystals, or “wine diamonds” as we in the wine industry refer to them, are natural, tasteless and odorless crystals that sometimes form in wine during aging. These harmless crystals occur when tartaric acid and potassium bond together to form a “salt”. Both tartaric acid and potassium are natural components of wine, both originating in the grapes we use to make wine. As wines age, or when they are refrigerated, wine diamonds can form and eventually produce a sediment either in the bottom of the bottle or on the cork itself if stored upside-down. For many sommeliers, wine lovers and wine industry veterans, wine diamonds are a welcome sight, indicating minimal wine processing.

At Oliver Winery, we test our wines prior to bottling, and cold stabilize when testing shows that tartrates are likely to form. In some cases, even when testing indicates tartrate or cold stability, a wine has different plans and decides to form these precious crystals. Our 2022 Creekbend Chambourcin is one such wine. We included a complimentary wine filter, which you can use to remove the tartrates if you wish. While you will find crystals in the bottom of the bottle, or in the last glass you pour, we assure you the wine is happy and healthy, and tastes exactly as it should.


Rob Warren
Vice President of Winemaking

Oliver Winery's delightful and sweet Vignoles
Creekbend Vignoles 2023
Ah, summer. This Creekbend specialty lets the tropical notes of the Vignoles varietal shine. We curate an ideal environment for Vignoles grapes by planting them at the highest point in the vineyard, ensuring they get plenty of sun and wind to allow them to thrive. The bright, tropical notes complement evenings spent sharing food & stories under patio lights.
Oliver Winery ripe and semi-sweet Catawba
Creekbend Catawba 2022
An Oliver essential. It’s hard to resist a sip of our estate-grown Catawba. Lush, blush, and delightful, it’s a springtime classic. Catawba grapes are native to our climate and are full of strawberry, peach, and melon flavors. Enjoy this subtly sweet treat with a picnic on one of those rare sunny-and-72 kind of days. Pair with a light cheese, bread, and strawberry jam. Chef’s kiss
A chilled wine glass with ice and a lemon wedge next to a bottle of Oliver Winery's Catawba. A small pile of lemons sits in front of the bottle.

Catawba Lemonade

  • 1 part lemonade
  • 1 part Creekbend Catawba
  • Lemon, sliced
  • Ice

Combine lemonade & Catawba over ice. Garnish with a lemon wheel. Enjoy!

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A flower bed in bloom surrounded by lush greens and bright vibrant purple and pink flora

Sweeter Side | Spring 2024

Here at Oliver, we take sweet wines seriously. Carefully crafted from the best ingredients, this club is full of delightful, sweet treats to enjoy as the weather warms up. Get adventurous with our bright, tropical Vignoles, tangy and citrusy Key Lime Pie, or a light and refreshing sneak-peak into new projects coming this summer.

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Reserved Reds | Spring 2024

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