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Oliver Winery Celebrates ESOP Month

The to-go setup for Oliver's ESOP breakfast.

October is ESOP month!

Oliver Winery has operated as an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) since 2006. This business model allows employees to share in the success of the business through annual stock allocations at no cost to them.

Oliver Winery employees gather 'round the table to celebrate ESOP Month in 2019.
Oliver ESOP mugs for staff to enjoy and keep.

In previous years (pictured above), our staff joined together to enjoy Eggs, Sausage, Oatmeal and Potatoes to celebrate our ESOP (see what we did there?). 2020 marks our 3rd annual ESOP breakfast, but of course, things looked a little different this year.

Thumbs-up for ESOP breakfast!
Darcie is all smiles as she enjoys her ESOP breakfast.

To honor our ESOP in 2020, with safety considerations at the forefront, we held a walk-through ESOP breakfast. Staff visited our outdoor venue to grab a lunchbox packed with a delicious (and nutritious!) breakfast. Some folks chose to spread out and enjoy their meal beneath the patio lights, others chose to grab-and-go, but in both cases it was nice to see each other in a safe and fulfilling way!

Julie and Dennis present the 2020 ESOP Breakfast.

Each day, we show up to work proud of what we do — for each other, our families, and the community. The ESOP is just one special way we own our hard work, and when we all have skin the game, we all give 100% effort. For more information about the impact we make as employee owners and to learn about the benefits of joining our family, navigate to our Careers Page.