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Pairs Well with Barbecue

Bottle of Oliver Sweet Red on a table with steak on the patio by a pool.

Whether you prefer burgers or are more of a steak person, Sweet Red always hits the spot with red meat dishes. Rich, easy-to-drink, fruit-forward flavor, completes a hearty, filling meal hot off the grill.

For a casual summertime meal, try a burger built with bacon, lettuce, and tomato, and add chips, baked beans, and fresh fruit for a complete spread.

For a slightly classier option, enjoy a steak grilled to perfection, with a buttery baked potato and garden salad.

For the perfect dessert, add in some deliciously fudgey brownies.


Oliver Sweet White Wine on a sunny patio table with sweet corn and watermelon.

Pairs Well with Garden Treats

A summertime pairing straight from the heartland. Refreshing, light, and sure to make any hot, humid day a little more bearable.