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berry blend wine

Berry Blend

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Our newest sweet wine is a bright blend of blueberry and blackberry wines. Oliver Berry Blend is a delightful deep, purple wine with fresh, tart blueberry notes are balanced with subtly spicy-yet-sweet, ripe blackberry undertones. You’ll imagine you’re tasting just-picked brambleberries. A perfect mix of sweet and tart, this fruit wine is loaded with dark fruit flavors on the palate. A long, well-balanced fruity finish makes it ideal for savoring. If only the Internet had scratch-and-sniff. We wish you could experience the jammy scent of mixed berries that wafts through the winery during bottling. Chill this wine before sharing it. Enjoy it with fresh fruits or dark chocolate treats. Or reduce it and pour over vanilla ice cream. Available only in our online shop or in the Bloomington tasting room.

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Flight Series Wines, Made in Indiana.

Flight Series

These varietal wines, made with fruit from the industry's best growers, range from semi-sweet to dry. Flight Series labels feature native birds of Indiana, handcrafted by local artists Ken Bucklew and the late William Zimmerman.

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