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Refreshingly sweet for a rosé-style wine. Catawba grapes give this wine fresh, bright strawberry flavor. Crisp and light. Excellent with flavorful or spicy Mexican dishes like pozole. Perfect for brunches, tailgates, and other day-drinking festivities.

  • Gold

    2015 Mid-America Wine Competition
  • Gold

    2014 Consumer Wine Competition

Recipes & More

Soft Rose Cocktail Sparker Recipe

Soft Sparkler

For a twist on the predictable mimosa:

Combine 2 parts chilled Soft Rosé & 1 part ginger ale.
Squeeze in fresh lime juice.
Serve chilled in a champagne flute or fun glassware.

About Collection

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Ah, the classics. Our best-selling Soft Wine Collection is sweet and fruity. New this year: Soft Red Lime, a delightfully bright and refreshing sweet red wine with a twist of lime. Over ice, it’s just what warm weather ordered.

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