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Camelot Mead (Honey Wine)

Camelot Mead

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Camelot Mead: bold but light, sweet, and sublime. Our mead is refreshingly different, a one-of-a-kind honey wine. Bright and fresh, with hints of sweet citrus. We've crafted Camelot Mead for more than 40 years. It defies traditional mead styles. One reason: our winemakers carefully select source-specific orange-blossom honey for the cleanest, purest character. Play with pairings! Camelot Mead is made with orange-blossom honey, lending it a hint of the Florida citrus. You’ll love the versatility of mead’s sweet-but-not-too-sweet profile with the same foods that taste great with honey — from creamy goat cheese to spicy fare.

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  • Gold, Class Champion

    2020 Rodeo Uncorked!® International Wine Competition
  • Gold, Class Champion

    2019 Rodeo Uncorked!® International Wine Competition
  • Gold

    2016 Indy International Wine Competition

Recipes & More

Camelot Mead Wine Cocktail, the Camelot Spritz in a wine glass, with a glass straw and slice of orange

Camelot Spritz

2 oz gin
8 oz Camelot Mead honey wine
Grapefruit soda

Mix gin and mead in glass. Add ice. Top with grapefruit soda. Garnish with orange slice. This refreshing, crisp drink is light and bright. Perfect for sipping. Chill and enjoy!

About Collection

Oliver Winery carefully sources orange blossom honey for Camelot Mead.

Camelot Mead

Welcome to a world drenched in sweet, orange-blossom honey. Camelot Mead is subtle, satisfying, and sublime. A one-of-a-kind mead, made by winemakers and perfected over 40+ years.