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Oliver Soft White - Sweet White Wine
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Tropical peach-mango. Subtle, sweet honeysuckle. This Niagara-based white wine is all sweetness and light. A great wine to serve with a cheese plate. Delicious with fried chicken. Or make our Sweet Tea Sangria, then pair with friends.

  • Best of Class & Double Gold

    2013 Jerry Mead’s New World Wine Competition
  • Gold

    2015 Indy International

Recipes & More

Soft White & Tea Sangria - Wine Cocktail Recipe

Sweet Tea Sangria

Pour Soft White wine and unsweetened iced tea into a pitcher, over ice.
Stir in fresh or frozen sliced peaches and raspberries.
Garnish with mint and fresh fruit slices.

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Oliver Soft White wine

Soft Wines

Ah, the classics. We've made this popular trio of sweet wines for decades. Delightfully bright, fruity, and refreshing, Soft Red is the top-selling wine in Indiana and Kentucky.

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