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Melon Mint Moscato, new from Oliver Winery
Melon Mint Moscato, new from Oliver Winery, is a low alcohol wine with natural fruit flavors and extracts.

New release!

Melon Mint Moscato

New release!

Melon Mint Moscato

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    750 ml
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Introducing our newest Real Fruit Moscato™! Aromas of freshly sliced melon, followed by a cool splash of sweet, juicy red fruit. Hints of real lime, mint, and cucumber. Refreshing and light, with a hint of bubble.

Refreshingly Real®

Pairs well with pool days and patio lights

Real fruit + high quality wine. Lower calorie and nothing artificial. Inspired by the simplicity of classic aguas frescas and the complexity of a traditional mojito. Pair with all things easygoing. Enjoy extra-chilled or pour over crushed ice. 


Tasting Notes

  • Light body
  • Aromas of freshly sliced watermelon
  • Sweet, juicy red fruit
  • Hints of real lime
  • Notes of fresh mint and cucumber
  • Natural fruitiness from real watermelon extract


  • Burgers
  • Grilled chicken
  • Barbeque
  • Fettucine alfredo
  • Pasta carbonara
  • Wine spritzers
  • Tequila cocktails


  • Extra chilled
  • Over ice
  • In a cocktail
Melon Mint Moscato spritz in wine glass over ice

Wine Cocktail: Melon Mint Spritz

Add crisp, low alcohol Melon Mint Moscato to classic cocktails.

Ready to share
Melon Mint Moscato cocktail with a garnish of cucumber, watermelon, and mint.

A daytime delight over ice.

All you have to do is pour.

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