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Introducing our Signature Cocktail Collection

Introducing Oliver Winery's newest line of ready-to-drink Signature Cocktails. Three cocktail bottles sit in a lush garden setting, surrounded by swirling gold filigree and fruit illustrations.

Introducing our Signature Cocktail Collection, where high quality wine meets real fruit & layered botanicals, for craft-cocktail-inspired delights. Treat yourself, and pour Oliver Signature Cocktails exactly your way. Any glass. Any garnish. Iced or chilled. … Just sip and savor.

Oliver Signature Cocktails contain lower alcohol and lower calorie than a traditional mixed drink. At 13% ABV, any of our Signature Cocktails has about half the alcohol of a martini and significantly less than a Bee’s Knees (21%) or French 75 (19%).

French 75 inspired Blossom Drop in a coupe glass, garnished with thyme and lemon.
Blossom Drop
Bright citrus & mellow honey with a hint of subtle elderflower. A deliciously light blend inspired by a Bee’s Knees & French 75. Our suggestions: serve chilled or over ice. Add with a splash of ginger ale for a bubbly spritz. Garnish with a lemon wheel, rosemary, mint, or slice of jalapeño (if you like a little spice).
Sweet & light Passion Fleurtini in a coupe glass, garnished with an orange twist and raspberries.
Passion Fleurtini
Bright & tart passion fruit with a gentle blush of floral rosewater. A soft, delicate martini-inspired cocktail. Our suggestions: serve chilled. Savor the soft aroma. Garnish with an orange twist, raspberries, slice of blood orange, or dried rose petals.
Peach Sangrini
Sweet peach & tangy lemon with light sparkles of mango and pineapple. Bright & fruity like sangria, bubbly & sweet like a Bellini. Our suggestions: Serve over ice. Add fruit—strawberry, peach, lemon, pineapple, whatever you have! Pop in a straw and enjoy.

Available in select states & retailers or via our online shop.

Oliver's Dreamberry in a fruity margarita

3 Whimsical Sips of Dreamberry

Dreamberry is one half of the delicious duo of berry wines that we released this month. This juicy sweet red has a soft, tropical sweetness from notes of raspberry, lychee, and lime that’s an irresistable add to everyday evenings. While it could pass as a craft-cocktail as-is, we couldn’t help but create some tasty cocktails for you. Find a few of our favorite dreamy sips here!

A ruby glass of Cosmoberry garnished with an orange twist.

3 Ways We're Sipping on Cosmoberry

In case you missed it (but you probably didn't), April marked the release of Cosmoberry, one of our newest innovations. This ruby sipper was inspired by a classic Cosmopolitan with flavors of strawberry, cranberry, and blood orange. It's ready-to-enjoy as is, but makes a tasty addition to a cocktail too. Get inspired with a few of the ways we've been pouring this berry delight!