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Oliver Winery Blueberry Moscato with Wine Cocktail in a Flute

The Blue '72

The real blueberry juice and low alcohol in our Blueberry Moscato make it a winning ingredient in wine cocktails. We love the zesty lemon twist and subtle botanical flavor of this sparkling wine mixer. It's our fresh take on the French 75, a classic craft cocktail.

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Oliver Winery Camelot Mead Bees Knees Wine Cocktail

The Bee's Knees

Our light, citrusy, honey wine meets its perfect match in this refreshing summer sipper. We think it's ... well ... the bee's knees!

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Woman holding Oliver Winery Cherry Moscato Wine Cocktail in a  glass

Cherry Moscato Cocktails

Craft a classic gimlet or mule, but make it Montmorency! The real cherry juice in our Cherry Moscato adds subtle tart-sweet notes to these simple cocktail recipes is a win in the pink drink category.

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Cherry Chirp Holiday Wine Cocktail with Oliver Cherry Moscato

Cherry Chirp

Good tidings and holiday cheer(s) come easy when you have a festive Cherry Moscato cocktail in hand. This crowd favorite is simple to serve and even better to sip.

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Beanblossom Original Cider | Cranberry Cider Mule Cocktail

Cranberry Cider Mule

A sip of fall flavor before the weather gets too chilly. This simple seasonal hard cider cocktail is our colorful go-to in a cute copper mug.

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