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Jim Graves in the Oliver Winery Cellar

Conversations in Winemaking: Jim Graves

Want to know what it takes to run the Oliver cellar? Read Jim Graves story and how his start on the bottling line grew to where he is today.

Allison sitting on the porch with her two pups.

Conversations in Winemaking: Allison Chin

How do you become a winemaker? Read Allison Chin's story: the road to becoming Assistant Winemaker at Oliver Winery.

Soft White Wine Pouring into a glass for tasting

Winemaker's Notes: Soft Wine Collection Sweet White

We had a chat with our winemaker, Dennis Dunham, to get his take on the flavor profile of our Sweet White wine. Made from Niagara grapes, it’s a fun and refreshing sweet white wine for any time. You’ll enjoy bright, floral aromas on the nose, followed by carefully preserved flavors with a rich finish and lingering sweetness.

 Soft Wine Collection Sweet Red pouring into a wine glass

Winemaker's Notes: Soft Wine Collection Sweet Red

Sweet Red, known for decades as Soft Red, is an Oliver Winery classic. Our winemaking style captures the essence of the Concord grape. Bright acidity and balanced sweetness create a fruit-forward wine full of fresh flavor.

California red wine grapes from steve borra

Meet Grower Steve Borra

Borra specializes in Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Shiraz. These grapes thrive in Lodi’s very warm summers and reach perfect ripeness even in unusually cool summers – 2011 being one of those. When we talk about wines exhibiting true varietal character, about exhibiting fresh off the vine flavor, few growers deliver better fruit than Steve Borra.

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