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Oliver Favorites, Now in Screwcap

Oliver Winery Blueberry Moscato is now in screwcap!

Your favorite wines—now in screw cap. They'll be slowly rolling into stores starting this summer, so when you buy a bottle, check the cap before whipping out your corkscrew (it happens to the best of us!). The switch will include our Real Fruit Moscatos, Soft Collection, Bakery Series, and Signature Cocktails. If you're a fan of cork & capsule or just curious, read more for insight into our switch!

A few reasons why we switched to screwcap:

1. Sustainability

For starters, screwcaps are actually more sustainable than cork & capsule. You can now recycle our entire bottle, right down to the screw cap.

2. Optimal freshness

Another huge factor is for their re-sealability. Sweet wines are not meant to age, and their flavor can change over time with exposure to oxygen. Screwcaps are better at sealing oxygen out & keep your wine tasting its freshest for longer.

3. Opening ease & portability

Doesn't get any easier to open a bottle of wine than a screwcap. Pop a bottle into your picnic basket, bring it to your friend's backyard BBQ, or enjoy with a sunny tailgate with no worries of forgotten corkscrews. No tools (or creative solutions) needed. To open, grip the base of the bottle and the cap, and twist from the bottom of the bottle. It's easy as that!

4. Just a little bonus ;)

Once you're done, it'll fit right in the fridge. Without the added cork height, it's a perfect fit. Chilled, fresh wine will be ready to go for next time.

Oliver Winery is availble in 40+ states. Shop online or find on a shelf near you.

Finished bottles of Sweet Red running through the bottling line

A Glimpse into Production Magic

Wineries are inherently cool places. But the bottling line has a certain Wonka-ness about it that is truly thrilling. Fillers and capsulers and accumulation tables and inspectors whirring, buzzing, clanking — all of it helping us make sure our wines taste like wine. (Not like snozzberries ... yet wink).

Oliver Winery's innovative Real Fruit Moscatos are crafted with real fruit & the best ingredients.

Light, Lovely, Bubbly | Vine Pair writes on Oliver’s Trendsetting Real Fruit Moscatos

Here at Oliver, we take our sweet wines seriously. Our belief that all types of wine deserve the highest respect and craft, isn’t just talk. Our Real Fruit Moscatos combine real fruit juice + West Coast Moscato, for a refreshingly real wine that’s hard to resist.