Spring Blooms in the Vineyard

Spring vines at the Oliver Winery demo vineyard

Spring at Oliver Winery is an exciting time. Our blooming vines are getting ready to produce clusters of fruit, and right now we are busy setting the stage for the rest of the growing season.

Spring in the vineyard
Spring bud bloom in the vineyard

As each vine begins to flower, we start to see these tiny green clusters (above). They will swell and then burst, revealing their pollen at the tip. The pollen eventually falls back into the flower, and just like that, our favorite little berries will start to form!

Spring bud blooms in the vineyard

At this point in the growing season, a healthy vine is a hairy vine. We want to see a bunch of these sprout-like clusters (above), which are good indicators of a happy crop and lots of fruit to come.

Pruning Catawba vines at Creekbend Vineyard

Pruning the Catawba

Pruning at Creekbend is a winter-long project. With 54 acres to prune and only three of us in the vineyard, plus some assistance from the landscaping crew, we have quite enough to keep us busy until March.

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Sweet Rosé paired with chocolate and strawberries

A Sweet Guide to Summer Wines

Sweet wine is the core of Oliver Winery, and our Soft Wine Collection is the essence of our summers. The luscious smell of Concord grapes permeates the air throughout the winery. We know that when beads of condensation gather around a bottle of Soft Red, it's the sign of a good time to come.

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