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Lemon Spritz

Refreshingly real Oliver Lemon Moscato at a relaxing poolside setting.

Light, crisp, and tart, flavors are just a few reasons Oliver Lemon Moscato shines. It’s a delightful sip of sunshine, all year ‘round. While it’s tasty alone, Lemon Moscato’s agreeable nature is also the perfect addition to a cocktail.

Ashley Rose @sugarandcloth will have you celebration ready in the snap of your fingers with her Lemon Spritz. With only three ingredients, it’s convenient, delicious, and a true guilt-free indulgence. Highlighting the real fruit taste, and refreshingly crisp qualities of our Lemon Moscato, it’s a sippable treat at its finest.

Oliver Lemon Spritz Cocktail

Oliver Lemon Spritz Cocktail

  • 1 part Oliver Lemon Moscato over ice
  • Splash of lemon soda water
  • Mint sprig for garnish!

Recipe photo by Ashley Rose.

Oliver Lemon Moscato is the key ingredient in our Lemon Basil Cooler Cocktail. Garnished with a sprig of fresh basil. Photo by Jaylynn Little

Lemon Basil Cooler

This Lemon Moscato creation is drinks influencer Jaylynn Little's Lemon Basil Cooler recipe. Easy-to-drink, delicious, and a frozen cocktail you can enjoy all year round.

Fruit Moscato by Oliver Winery on a patio with an American flag

Red, White, and Blueberry (Moscato)!

Celebrate all things red, white, and blue! Fire up the grill, fill your backyard patio with friends and family, and await the evening’s fireworks show. But wait, don’t forget the wine. That should be red, white, and blue, too! Read on for more about our fruity Moscato wines, featuring Cherry Moscato, Moscato, and Blueberry Moscato.

Oliver Winery Lemon Moscato Garden Cup wine cocktail

Garden Cup Lemon Moscato Cocktail

A slight hint of lemon and tea with a garden variety of fruits. This light and refreshing wine cocktail, made with Oliver Lemon Moscato, makes a perfect sunny-day sipper.