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Creekbend Vineyard

Creekbend Vineyard: An Unexpected Hybrid Haven

At Creekbend Vineyard, our success growing grapes has not been accidental: Creekbend Vineyard has been defining Indiana viticulture and cultivating noteworthy hybrid varietals since 1965.

Pruning Catawba vines at Creekbend Vineyard in Indiana

Pruning the Catawba

Pruning at Creekbend is a winter-long project. With 54 acres to prune and only three of us in the Indiana vineyard, plus some assistance from the landscaping crew, we have quite enough to keep us busy until March.

Spring vineyard blooms

Spring Blooms in the Vineyard

Spring at Oliver Winery is an exciting time deep in Indiana’s scenic wine country. Our blooming vines are getting ready to produce clusters of fruit, and right now we are busy setting the stage for the rest of the growing season.

Pinot Grigio being hand-harvested by President Julie Adams at Creekbend Vineyard

Hello Harvest: Creekbend Pinot Grigio

Harvest began today, on the most remarkably nice day of the year, with 1.58 tons of Pinot Grigio at Creekbend Vineyard deep in Southern Indiana’s scenic rolling hills. We spent much of August testing our crops for ripeness, and today, the Pinot was just right. Sweet, sublime flavors of apple and pear, with a delicacy that will carry over to the wine we make with this grape.

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